Getting Married in Denmark - Haderslev

Days of Ceremony - Fridays 

Document Presentation - Day before the wedding

Timeframe between approval and appointment - Depends on date

Witnesses provided - Yes


Where is Haderslev?

Haderslav is in the South of Denmark, it is another venue that is a good option if you are looking at getting married in Denmark and would like to be close to the German border. It is only 58km and a 45 minute drive from the Flensburg German/Danish border.

Speak to your expert Wedding planner in Denmark who can look at availability and suitability of any venue for you based upon your timeframe, date, and availability. They can advise you on all and ay location if you are looking at Getting Married in Denmark. There are loads of great Agencies that can help you!

Also it is 264km's 2h 39mins from Copenhagen and an hours drive from the German boarder.  There is a train line that makes it easy to get to from all over Europe.

Getting Married in Haderslav
Get married in Denmark near the German border easily and fast.


Where will I marry?

You will marry in the beautiful town hall in Haderslav.  This building is lovely and the ceremony room is stunning, it is a nice ceremony room, with an air of dignified gravitas whilst maintaining personal touches and romance.



The History & Sights of the Area?

Haderslev was originally founded by the Danish Vikings, and there is a Cathedral and a castle where Christian IV was married during the great plague of DenmarkThe royal castle was built in order for medieval festivities and then it housed the Governor of the area.  They have a very successful football team Sønderjyske, which is in the Danish Superliga.

In the public park "Kløften", near the town's center, Kløften Festival is held - a three-day annual festival in the summer. The festival uses one of Haderslev's important trademarks, the red-bricked water tower near the park as its logo.

Another stunning attraction is Dyrehaven Ved Haderslev, this a natural park spanning over 100 hectares, it is a wonderful expanse of wildlife with over 200 deers roaming free and they have up to 70 claves per year.  There are areas where you can feed the animals and pet them and also tours where you can learn all about the animals and the nature that is there.

Getting Married in Haderslaev
Getting married in Denmark close to Germany made simple!

Photo by Haderslevdyrehave



If you are looking at getting married in Denmark and want to consider some alternative locations that give you a wide variety of places for a ceremony - maybe you and your partner love nature, or the sea, or want something not so "city, then this could be the location for you. Denmark has so much to offer for couples in love and weddings!

Our Recommendations

There are lots of restaurants in Haderslev, something for everyone.  Our personal favourite is MAD, this is a wonderful tapas and wine bar that always has such a great atmosphere!

For hotels, there are 68 hotels in Haderslev so certainly something for everyone, with all budgets, styles and needs.

International couples marrying is easy
Easiest option for international couples looking to get married in Denmark


For more information on this perfect wedding location then please contact us and we are happy to provide a free documents list of what is required to get married in Denmark near the German border.

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