Getting Married in Denmark vs Getting Married in Gibraltar


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Get married in Copenhagen


We want our wonderful couples to have the best time for their wedding, in the most beautiful place and have the most stress free time at the beginning, in the middle, the run up to and of course on the most magical day of their lives.

The beauty of Marry Abroad Simply is that we work with two locations, offering two different settings and who work to two different legal systems.  Here we can provide our couples with, what we know,  is the best advice for them in their individual circumstances.  During these complicated 'covid' times we feel as though we have really excelled in ensuring that our couples are 'matched' to the best process for them. 

We look at individual situations of timeframe, relationship and the documents that you have so we can advise better.

For some International and Foreign couples it is best for you to get married in Denmark as there are no birth certificates and it is a fast, easy and stress free process if you are allowed entry, and as we work with around 100 Town Halls the availability for you to get married quickly and cheaply is huge.

If you are not able to obtain access to Denmark because of border restrictions, and if you want to look at more than 4 months ahead, then we look at you getting married in Gibraltar as the best option.

We really are the best Agency for anyone looking to get married abroad quickly and easily, and have helped over 3000 international and foreign couples marry. No matter what your circumstance, or if you think your case is complicated or difficult - we can help.


So first we start with the documents needed, because this is really the first question that is asked to all couples when they contact us.


Gibraltar requires;


Visa for entry to Gibraltar

Original birth certificates

Divorce/death documentation from previous marriages, legalised if necessary.


Denmark requires;


Visa for entry to Denmark

Divorce/death documentation from previous marriages, legalised if necessary.

Relationship Document


The second question that we will ask will be what date would you like to marry.  This is your special day and whether the process needs to be accelerated due to visa dates or there is a certain special date that you would like to marry on, we are there to do what ever we can to ensure that this date is met.  We will be open and honest with you from the offset if this date is potentially too soon, however we do pride ourselves in the quick approval time that we have with the Agency of Family Law in Denmark, coupled with the great relationships that we have with the Danish town halls, I have to say that our dates are always met! 


The third question that we will ask would be the location of your wedding.  Would you like a city centre wedding, a coastal location, a stunning cosmopolitan restaurant or a beautiful island.  We can accommodate almost any request that you have.  This is your special day and this is what we will never forget.  In Gibraltar you can marry at the registry office or in one of the selected 'external' venues.  In Denmark there are literally hundreds of options.

So, the only things that you need to remember is that you will need the documents required, you will then want to know your date (or a rough idea) and you will then want to know in what surroundings you want for the most perfect day. 

Oh you will also want to have either Sam, Leanne or Carly on your side, who will guide you through the whole process.  We never forget that the process isn't that simple, we put the simplicity into the process because we have helped so many couples over the years, it's our second nature to instinctively know the best route for our couples to take. 


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