How to do your own Wedding Make Up


We all know that weddings can be expensive, so if you are planning your special day on a budget, then doing your own wedding make up can certainly save you some cash! Of course you want to look and feel amazing on your special day, but who is to say that you need a make up artist to make this happy for you. We know that creating your own beauty look may sound scary, because this isn't just any day, this is your big day! Just like most things that are involved in planning your wedding, doing your own make up takes a little planning and some practise, so we thought that we would put together some top tips to help you -


Skincare - Everyone wants glowing skin on their wedding day, so preparing your skin in the weeks before your wedding is key to ensuring that look radiant when it comes to exchanging your vows. Having a good day/night time skin routine is crucial, making sure that you tone and moisture your regularly -this will help your skin to become clear and hydrated. Having a facial a week before your wedding is a great idea to get rid of any dead skin cells and toxins that you may have built up on your face.

Top Tip - Prepare your skin on the morning of your wedding day with a sheet mask, which will give your skin an extra glow and help to ensure that your make up stays on all day!


Getting married in Denmark make up
Skincare is important - it is all about the preparation!


Eye Shadow/Eye Liner - Before applying your eye shadow, you need to make sure that you firstly prime your eyes by using a good colour corrector, this will help your eye shadow to stay on all day and it should prevent it from smudging. We recommend using a white shade of colour corrector for pale skin tone and taupe tone for darker skin tones, with the over all goal being to brighten your eyelids. When it comes to eye shadows, we recommend that you go for neutral more natural colours like light browns, mauves and creams, but ultimately it is your big day and your face, so you need to embrace what you feel most comfortable wearing, we just advise that you steer clear of eye shadow that is too glittery in order to prevent a shiny glow in your wedding photos. Just always remember to apply your eye shadow before your foundation, just incase any falls onto your cheeks! When choosing an eye liner, make sure that you applying it careful to your water line for a more dramatic look, or just under your eyes if you are wanting your eyes to look bigger and more natural. Brown eye liners are great for those with blue eyes or green eyes, as the brown liner contrasts with the blue/green in the eyes and makes them appear brighter. For brown eyes, navy eye liners are great for making dark eyes appear bigger and bolder!


Getting married in Denmark
Smokey wedding eyes


Mascara - For some stand out eye lashes, make sure that you layer your mascara, which will give you fuller and thicker lashes. When purchasing a mascara for your special day, be sure to get one that is waterproof as we all know that shedding the odd tear on your wedding day is entirely possible and want to prevent getting panda eyes!

Top Tip - Slightly heating an eye lash curler under a hair dryer before curling your eye lashes, is a great trick to achieving longer, curlier lashes.


Eye Brows - You want to keep your brows are natural as possible on your wedding day. If you want to fill your eye brows in, then we recommend using a powder and a setting gel to do this. Try to always pick a shade that is one to two shades lighter than your hair colour, as this will make for a more natural look. Filling in your brows is a great way to give them a better shape, if you don't feel comfortable doing this, there are some create brow kits out there that come will stencils to help you to create a better shape confidently.


Foundation - Foundation isn't for everyone, but if you are planning on wearing some on your wedding day, it is really important that you find the perfect colour match for your skin tone. We recommend that you head to your nearest make up counter or beauty shop, and they will be able to help you to match a suitable foundation for your skin type. Before applying your foundation, it is important to firstly prime with a good quality primer. If you have some pigmentation on your skin or enlarged pores then a primer will help to smooth out any imperfections, and will help to make sure that your foundation goes on smoothly and stays on all day! You may wish to apply your foundation by using a slightly damp beauty blender sponge, which will help to ensure that you get a nicely blended coverage. 


Getting married in Denmark make up artist
Fresh summer vibes for a spring wedding

Blusher/Bronzer/Powder/Highlighter - You need to be careful when using blusher, bronzer and face powders on your wedding day, these of course are great for adding some extra colour into your face, but you want to avoid look un-natural. Bronzers are a great thing to use to contour your face with. Make sure that you sweep your bronzer in upward stroke along your cheek bones, across your fore head and just under your jaw lines (and of course be sure to blend it into your neck). You can also apply some bronzer to your collar bones and on either side of your nose - This will help to give your face definition! Brush is a great way of giving your face that 'blushing bride' look, and to stop you from looking washed out, again always be cautious when applying your blusher and make sure that you have the right shade for your skin tone. Powders are a great way to set in your make up and to ensure that it lasts longer, however using too much powder can make your face look dry and cakey, so be sure to only use in it areas where you tend to get greasier through out the day. And finally...highlighter... Highlighter is magical, you can use it to define the parts of your face that you want to draw attention too, such as your cheek bones, the centre of your nose, your cupids bow (that funny bit above your lip) and the arches of your brows. Do try and be careful when applying highlighter, as too much can be unflattering and unnatural. 

Getting married in Denmark quickly
Lip liner is a tip tip

Lips - We recommend that you don't go too heavy with your lipstick or lip liner, and try to avoid using shiny lipsticks as these will transfer off onto your glasses and your poor partners lips. Try to aim for a more subtle lip colour, that is long lasting. Before applying your lip stick, make sure that you firstly line your lips to give them definition and to make them look fuller. When applying your lipstick, be sure to cover all of your lips, including the inner parts as these show when you speak and smile with your mouth open. Carrying your lip stick in your bag with you is a great idea, just incase you need to re-apply it after eating and drinking. 


Getting married in Copenhagen
Pick a lipstick to pop and that compliments your skin color and outfit

Practise - Yes, that's right, they say that practise makes perfect and when it comes to doing your own makeup and getting it right, it certainly does! In the run up to your special day, practise practise practise and then practise once more. This way you will feel confident in applying your make up correctly on the morning of your wedding day. Try out different styles, use different shades and tones of blusher, of bronzer and of eye shadows. You my not get it right straight away, but good things take time. If you are not used to wearing a lot of make up, then this all may seem daunting but the key is to find the right amount of makeup that you are comfortable with wearing.


Top Tip - Applying slightly more make up than you are used to is important on your wedding day. Heavier make up, looks better in wedding photos and can hide a multitude of sins, such as any dread spots you may have or dark under eye circles they you may have. When you are practising, make sure that you take some pictures both inside and outside, to see what your finished look looks like in all lights. Also, using a setting spray once you have finished your make up, is a great way to set your make up in place for the rest of your day!

Getting married in Denmark
Accessorise, color, love, and fun!

So if you fancy saving yourself some money and want to skip using a professional make up artist, then give your own wedding day make up a go, with a little time and some practise you will be surprised on what you can achieve yourself. There are many videos online that you can watch, that offer some pretty amazing tips, tricks and guidance for purchasing and applying your wedding make up. We can of course recommend you some excellent, highly talented make up artists if you should decide that creating your own look isn't for you. 


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