Creative, Romantic & Fun Ideas for Marriage Proposals!

The absolute start of the wedding planning is with the proposal itself... As how do you know you are going to be able to start planning a wedding until you ask that big "I DO" question?!?

So many different ways to do it, and what we especially love about marriage proposals is they are again as unique, personal and special as the couple, and again an event you will remember forever. It is also a story that you will find over the years never gets tired of being told, and being never tire of being asked, on your 50th wedding anniversary you are very likely to be asked "So how did the proposal go?!?". 

Marry Abroad Simply Year of the Rat
Marry Abroad Simply in 2020 Year of the Rat

So we thought we would look at fun, creative and romantic ways to propose to your soul mate. Its going to be an event you will never forget anyway, but why not take out the nerves by making it fun, and ensure you have a brilliant story for the wedding speeches and all of your friends and family! Start your marriage by making your proposal as unique as you and your partner. Have a look at this blog for unique and quirky ideas others have tried, along with further hints and tips.

Marry Abroad Simply proposal
Simple and Personal Marriage Proposal

Some people go for the down on one knee, others like something quirky, many animal lovers we know use their "fur babies" to make a sweet proposal on their behalf.

There are no endings of ways, my partner proposed on Valentines and bought me a "Happy Valentines to my Wife!" rather than "Happy valentines to my Girlfriend" and as I read the text rather confused (just presuming he had bought the wrong card last minute...!) he dropped to one knee and asked me if I would be his Valentine for life!


Get married in Copenhagen City Hall
Simply marry your soul mate

Whatever you are into, and whatever yours and your partners shared loves and passions are (apart from each other of course!) there are ways of incorporating this into a fun proposal - which adds extra "awwwwww! Cuteness!" as it really shows your partner you have put thought into the event and gone that extra mile - as let's face it, they are worth it, so let show them! And committing to someone for the rest of your life involves a big display we think!

We have even heard of a few Star Wars themed proposals lately, which has made us chuckle as we have fans in the office who wish they had thought of that idea first!


Star wars theme marriage proposal
Marry me and together we can rule the Galaxy!

Your engagement is the first step towards marriage, the first official public acknowledgement to each other and the world that you want to be together for the rest of your lives, be with no-one else, and not only want each other but need each other - the whole of you in a relationship is stronger than the two halves separately. It is a special and meaningful act between you.

And once you have made that commitment to each other and decided to take the next step, some couples like to stay engaged a while and plan and enjoy, and some do not want to waste another day by NOT being married to each other and want to look at ways to marry quickly.


Getting Married in Denmark
Marry Abroad Simply to your soul mate

Whatever your situation, whether you want to get married quickly or want to get married slowly, you always want to look at getting married simply, without stress, and keeping your focus the same as on your day of engagement - about each other, your relationship and the future together. Which the Metal Rat says is going to be successful, so who are we to argue with the Rat!

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