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Aabenraa town hall is minutes away from the German border, making it a wonderful venue for our couples travelling from Germany. Witnesses are provided on weekdays, and they are very setup for International, foreign and same sex couples (like all of our Town halls!). 


Please read our blog Getting Married in Aabenraa for more information on the area.


Getting married in Aabenraa
Get married in Denmark near the German border in Aabenraa


The town is sensational and the registrars are so nice, helpful and enthusiastic about their jobs and the couples that they marry.

They have a spirit and personality that is hard not to love, you will warm to them instantly like we have!

Interview with Team Aabenraa

Q - Tell us a little about yourself and why, how and when you became registrars?

A - Eva: Well, I think it was somewhat of a coincidence, that I ended up becoming a registrar. I moved to Southern Denmark and was looking for a job and there was an opening for a registrar position in another municipality. It lived up to all my expectations in a job – the outgoing part, the languages, I would be able to use and the case working. I worked there for about 5 years, after which I thought I should try something new and different. So I left and worked some other places for a couple of years. In this time however I realised how much I enjoyed the “happily-ever-after” work and as a position opened in Aabenraa, I instantly applied for it. That was 7 years ago. 

A - Lisbet: Since I was a child I have loved weddings and I often played that I was the registrar – not the bride ☺ Growing up I always knew that I someday would become a registrar.

I have worked 10 years at the Agency of Family Law, where my main task was making residence permits for EU-citizens, but I also worked in the divorces department. I really needed to have a more positive job, and I got the job of my dreams February 2018.

Q - Do you have any wedding, ceremony or event that has been particularly memorable to you and why? 

A - Every wedding is special, and we do our very best to make it special for the couple. The weddings that we will keep in our hearts forever, are the weddings where you can feel the love between the couple and where love just fills up the City Hall.  We once wedded a couple where the groom was 91 and the bride 80 years old – call me crazy, but that much joie de vivre is still imprinted in my head as one of the most special wedding. Love knows no age – live life to the fullest at any time.


Q - Do you get to eat lots of wedding cake?

A - Luckily we do not get to eat a lot of wedding cake – that would not be good for the figure ☺ But we get a lot of chocolate, and we are not complaining. 

Q - What is the busiest time of year for you? And which season do you prefer and why?

A - The busiest time for us is from March to September and again in November and December. Every season has it charm. In the winter months we can make it cozy with candlelights and in the summertime everything is bright and warm and lively.


Q - What is a typical wedding like in the Town Hall?

A - When the couple arrive, we welcome them in the waiting area. In the waiting area they can get some coffee, tea or water and use the restroom. Then we have to see the travel documents from the couple.  When everything is in order and the registrar is ready, they enter the wedding room. The couple, witnesses and guests take a seat. It is of course allowed to take pictures, videos and have online transmission to the family at home. After the registrar has performed the wedding, the couple, witnesses and the registrar have to sign the papers. Then the couple get the marriage certificates and a small present from Aabenraa Kommune. The couple then have the opportunity to take more pictures in the wedding room after the ceremony.


Q - What advice do you have for couples to ensure they experience a wonderful wedding ceremony?

A - Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. ☺


Q - Any special advice on dealing with wedding-day nerves?

A - Nerves are a part of the wedding and just embrace them – it is going to be an unforgettable day!


Q - Can you describe yourself in 3 words?

A - Professional, smiling, friendly

Q - Can you describe the ceremony in Aabenraa Town Hall in three words

A - Historic surroundings, professional but typical Danish, easygoing team.


Q - What sort of behind the scenes work do you do that couples might not know about?

A - Oh my, we do a lot of preparation. Answer telephones and mails, set up the couple in the systems, make appointments for the weddings, rebook weddings, book witnesses, book the wedding hall, make documents for the wedding, water the flowers, replace candles, make coffee. The list is unending ☺


Q - What is the favourite part of your job?

A - Meeting the couples at the wedding.


Q - Can you describe the Town Hall look and feeling/vibe?

A - The Old City Hall is amazing. When you open the door to the Old City Hall you instantly feel the history. It was used as City Hall for more than 200 years and now we only use it for wedding and official events.


Q - Is there an interesting or fun fact about the town hall or area that couples may not know that we can share?

A - The Old City Hall is in the centre of Aabenraa, and all the restaurants are nearby. The beach is only 5 minutes’ walk away. There is also an old castle were you can take beautiful pictures in the garden. 

In December we have “Julehjertebyen” (The Christmas heart City), which is a miniature city of the old Aabenraa. The small houses function as gift shops, and they raise money for families in need in Aabenraa. They even have a miniature of the Old City Hall.


Q - Somewhere locally you would recommend a couple to visit whilst they are there?

A - The best part of Aabenraa Kommune is the nature – the beaches, forests and the Gendarmpath with the wonderful hiking routes.


Q - What advice would you give to couples getting married?

 A - Relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. ☺


Q - Is it possible to have a “personalized” ceremony? Are there any “special request” that couples ask you? or maybe in the past you have had some request really “unique” or weird that you want to share with us…

A - We have many special moments. One of the most unique moment was when the daughter of a couple sang opera in the Old City Hall – by the way, she was a professional opera singer! Amazing.


Q - What is the maximum amount of people you have had in the ceremony room for a wedding? 

A - I think it was 80 people – but that is not so common.


Q - What is the largest wedding you have been a registrar for?

A - I think the largest wedding included about 60 guests.


Q - How many weddings does your town hall perform per year? 

A - We perform approximately 500 weddings per year. 


For more information please see our blog Getting Married in Aabenraa


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Getting married in Aabenraa
Danish Town Hall ceremony rooms are beautiful!