People Marry People - Malene at Stevns Kommune


Stevns Kommune is so close to Copenhagen but it is also a stunning coastal area with the famous cliffs (Stevns Klint). There is a stunning Unesco Heritage site church which you can have a ceremony at, and have your wedding photos taken at.

This Town Hall is one of our favorites, they have really friendly registrars and can get you married super fast within days of your approval with the Danish Agency of Family Law - Familieretshuset.

Stevns Klint
You can have a wedding at the Unesco Heritage site in Stevns klint

For further information on these please see our blog about the area and the town hall


We have worked with Malene for many years and it is always such a joy when we are arranging a wedding in Stevns.  Taking the time to have this short interview with her was wonderful and we found out lots of little things that we never knew about!


Q - Tell me a little about yourself and why, how and when did you become a registrar? 

A -My name is Malene and I have worked for Stevns Municipality for 10 years. I have been a registrar for about 3 years, it was our mayor who decided, that I should help marrying couples and I feel very lucky that she asked me and I love every thing about it.


Q - Do you have any wedding, ceremony or event that has been particularly memorable to you and why?

A - All couples are memorable, but those couples who bring some of their traditions with them always gives something extra memorable.


Q -Do you get to eat lots of wedding cake?

A -The short answer is no, we don´t serve any cake to our wedding couples, but you are of course welcome to bring some ?


Q -What is the busiest time of year for you?

A-Our busiest time of the year is Spring and Summer


Q -What is a typical wedding like in the Town Hall?

A - A typical Town Hall Wedding doesn´t take a long time, it's very down to earth. So if you want a simple wedding this is the place.


Q -What advice do you have for couples to ensure they experience a wonderful wedding ceremony?

A - Always come in good time so you don´t have any stress and after the wedding if you have the time go out and enjoy a nice lunch or dinner, take your time to celebrate, because it´s a special day.


Q -Any special advice on dealing with wedding-day nerves?

A - No I don´t think so, but I will do my best to calm you.


Q - Can you describe yourself in 3 words?

A - Kind, Present, Helpful 


Q - Can you describe the ceremony in Stevns in three words

A - Simple, Easy, Memorable


Q - What is the favourite part of your job?

A - Meeting the couples.


Q - Can you describe the Town Hall look and feeling/vibe?

A - Very down to earth.

Q - Somewhere locally you would recommend a couple to visit whilst they are there?

A - You must go and see Stevns Klint it´s on UNESCO and a very beautiful place.
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Q - Is it possible to have a “personalised” ceremony? 

A - You can get your ceremony personalised if you have anything you want to say to each other.


Q - What is the maximum amount of people you have had in the ceremony room for a wedding? 

A - If you have many guests with you, we would like to know in advance so we are able to make room for you.


Q - What is the largest wedding you have been a registrar for?

A - I think it´s about 60 people.


Legal weddings in Denmark
Ceremony room in Stevns is light and friendly


If you marry in Stevns the lovely Malene will be your registrar, and she always looks forward to welcoming you warmly and making your wedding ceremony special.

For more information on this perfect wedding location then please contact us and we are happy to provide a free documents list of what is required to get married in Denmark near the German border.

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