Getting Married in Denmark - In a beautiful UNESCO Heritage site Church



When a lot of us think about Denmark we think of Copenhagen, rough seas, amazing coastlines, lush green land and occasionally vikings!

External wedding ceremonies in Copenhagen
Denmark has Heritage UNESCO site scenery and sites

Although here at Marry Abroad Simply we specialise in arranging town hall weddings for our International Couples, there are some areas where ceremonies can be arranged not only in town halls..... but also in some of beautiful surroundings of the amazing Danish towns, cities and islands.


Stevns Kommune is 45 minutes from Copenhagen Airport and is a stunning addition to the Zealand Region.


The are many beautiful treasures to see in this part of Zealand, one of them being the 'Old Church' in Hojerup.  This is a UNESCO Heritage site the  old church "Hojerup"  is open for visitors and is a joy to simply go and take in the views of the seas below.


It is a partially collapsed church over the cliffs that fell in 1928. Taken from the Destination South Coast of Denmark site

The church was built by a boater in distress who promised to build a chapel if he was saved.

The church is located on the 30 m. high cliff. It was consecrated in 1357 , but the sea undermined the cliff, and in 1928 overthrew the choir in the sea. The rest of the church is now secured by underpinning.

Since the church was built around 1250 the edge of the cliff had approached ruthlessly. According to local legend the church moved every Christmas night a tiny step towards the country, but it was not enough to save it. The last service was held in 1910. You can stand inside the church and look out over the sea through a door.

In the 1600s the cliff started to chip away at the cemetery with the macabre result coffins and skeletons started sticking out of the cliff. In 1910 they gave up to use the church, it would take another 18 years before fate caught up to the building.

On 16 March 1928 at five o'clock in the morning there was a cliff collapses at Hoejerup. It's happened before and since, but this cliff collaps was special because it took the chorus from Højerup old. Church into the fall. 

The partially ruined church quickly became a major attraction. In the course of three days visited around 40,000 people Hoejerup. They were fascinated by the unusual sight of a torn church and what was left of the choir, altar, coffins and skeletons on the beach. Quite soon after the crash, it was decided to reinforce the church against further slides. Today the towering church stands proudly at the extreme edge of the cliff, and it vanished choir has been replaced by an observation deck that provides a great view of the cliff and sea.

The church was built in Romanesque style in the year 1250.

Now you can marry in this church and what a memorable venue for your ceremony.  The pictures below better explain the beauty of this more that I can in any words... 


Getting married in Stevns
Getting married in Denmark in this location is magical!


Church Wedding Stevns
Your wedding in Denmark overlooking the sea.... Image the photos!




Marrying in Stevns
Getting married in Denmark overlooking the sea!


Church Weddings in Denmark
Get married in Denmark in a unique environment and surrounding




Getting married in Stevns
Best of both worlds civil ceremony in a heritage site church


If this is something that you are interested in then please let us know and we will be happy to help to arrange this amazing location for your most perfect day! This is a speciality wedding  and the cost is €2495 which does include a photographer for 1 hour and 50 edited digital photos, depending on the date you may need to take at least 1 of your own witnesses.

The package includes

- All documents checking and marriage application checking
- Submission of application to Danish Agency of Family Law
- Payment of the License fee and taxes
- The registrar and travel fees
-  Hire of the Venue for your wedding
- 2 International Marriage Certificates
- Photographer for 1 hours photos and 50 edited digital photos
- Full concierge support and unlimited customer service
- If you combine this with a lunch booking at the next door restaurant you will receive a 1000dkk voucher off the bill - Restaurant MENU

If you wish to also add on Hair & Make up, and Bouquet and Buttonhole, that is a package price of €2995. 

Things to bear in mind...

- You will need to provide at least 1 of your own witnesses depending on the day
- The Church can get quite cold depending on the season, wind and weather as it is open, so bear this in mind when choosing a date
- If you are looking at non Summer months, it can start to get dark around 3pm, so you should look at an earlier time for best photographs
- It is a public building, so it is not exclusively hired and closed for your wedding, this means we also cannot decorate, and it may be that other people are around who wish to visit. They are always very respectful of marrying couples, but you do need to be aware of this
- You may want to hire a car, or factor taxis in, as it is not an easy walk from the train station or the hotels

There is an absolutely lovely hotel not far from the Venue (but not close enough to walk!) -

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