Easiest place To Marry In Europe on a Tourist Visa

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Here at Marry Abroad Simply, we know that life administration is hard, living abroad is hard, finding the right documents in the right format and sending it to the right department is hard!  Both of us (Sam and Leanne) have lived abroad and know the stresses of finding international documentation for yourself and your family, and to let you in on a bit of a secret, we actually quite enjoy it!

One of the reasons that we started Marry Abroad Simply was to help couples that have met, fell in love and have wanted to start a new life together, but need that all important marriage certificate, or the couples that have been together for years and have decided to officiate their relationship, those international couples who want to share their lives together but really don't know where to start!

The easiest way to get married in Europe is to look at Getting married in Denmark or Getting married in Gibraltar. These countries are both by far the easiest locations and countries to get married in Europe for any couple, even if you are International, same sex, non resident, visiting as tourists or on a short term visa.

They are some of the easiest counties to get married in the world for foreign couples as they do not require Marital Status or single status documents or certificates or impediment, and if you are looking at getting married in Denmark they do not require a birth certificate either.

They really are the easiest countries and the easiest ways to get married in the world.

Getting Married in Gibraltar


There are a lot of agencies out there that specialise in one location and they can help with only marrying in a choice of one country, and then limited locations within that country. However here at Marry Abroad Simply we have 2 Country locations and 100s of different locations within those countries so we can match you with the most suitable country and location for geography and documents to suit YOU, rather than to suit what WE have on offer.  We will soon be expanding to more countries to offer even more choice for documents on hand, dates, VISAS or travel permissions you have. 

We always aimed to ensure we can help our couples marry in the best, easiest way for them, and be the easiest places in Europe to get married -  we are the most couple focussed agency you will find, just read our reviews! 


Copenhagen City Hall wedding

We are not bound by one location and one set of documents, so if you cannot get a birth certificate or have no entry into a certain zone we can still likely help you with marrying in one of the easiest and fastest places in Europe at a low cost for you.  


Church Wedding Denmark


For us the process always starts with the 3 important questions!

Where would you like to marry?

When would you like to marry?

What documents do you have already?


With the answers to these questions then we can quickly tell you;

Where you CAN marry

The documents that we need for the application

A rough timescale on the ceremony

The process that you will go through.


Get married in Copenhagen quickly
Get married abroad easily, getting married is easy!

At this point we will also align you with one of our services that have been specifically designed to ensure that there is something for everyone.

A couple getting married in Denmark


So a quick explanation of the 2 locations that we offer and what documents that you need.



Valid ID (three months validity from the date of the ceremony)

You need access to the Schengen area either via an EU residence permit or 90 days visa free allowance or EU citizenship.

If you have been married before full and final divorce decree or death certificate, if from outside the EU it may need legalisations.

Proof of longevity of the relationship, we will explain all of this.

Services Offered

Handheld - We will fully guide you through the application process and make sure that you have everything for the application to be approved.

Everything - We do everything for you, all you need to do is send us the documents that we have asked for and turn up on the big day!

Express - We will do everything for you with the date being set for under one month, often in a couple of weeks!

SOS - We will help you, if you have already made the application, take over your file, until the point of approval and book your ceremony.



Valid ID (Six months validity from the date of the ceremony).

You need access/visa or visa free to the UK.

If you have been married before full and final divorce decree or death certificate, if from outside the EU it may need legalisations.

Original long birth certificates for the couple.


Everything Legal - We do everything for you, all you need to do is send us the documents that we have asked for and turn up on the big day!

Speciality Wedding - The everything service, plus we will arrange and pay for a wonderful external venue, the Rock Hotel, the Botanical Gardens, the Mons Calpe Suite, the Mayors Parlour.

Ceremony Only - This is the Everything Service plus the arrangements and fees associated with having a registrar coming to the external venue of your choice.

Danish Island marriag



If there is nothing there that you feel would suit you then don't forget, we are a completely independent agency with us (Sam, Leanne & Katie) working for ourselves with no set affiliations to anyone or anything so you will never be sold add ons or steered in a direction you do not want to go in, however we can always help and work something out for you with anything you DO want or need, and are the only Agency with its own dedicated App on Google and Apple that gives you access to your own wedding area as a complete "Wedding Angel" service for the planning and lead up to the big day..

If you down load our app on App Store and Play Store you can see all the town halls that we work with and you can see where they are and some information about the towns and surrounding areas. 

We are fast, responsive, know what we are talking about, answer you very quickly no matter what the question and are always happy to help. You will not find a faster Agency to help you get married in Denmark, nor a more experienced one. We genuinely want to help you with getting married abroad and are passionate about what we do and the couples we help.

It never get less special to have been chosen to be the smallest part in someones largest day.

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