How to get Married in Denmark

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If you are looking at getting married in Denmark or made that decision then the next question is "How to get married in Denmark". And we can help you with that. There is a lot of information out there, but we can guide you through all of that and help you with the easiest most stress free way to get married in Denmark.....

It can be off putting and daunting to some couples the new Marriage laws that came into effect in January 2019 under the Danish Agency of Family law or "Familierethuset" , but rest assured your wedding agency are worth the money in taking that stress off and doing all the work.

Denmark is such a wonderful place to marry, it still retains its "Danish-ness" whilst being completely relaxed, International and cosmopolitan, it has an air of fun and acceptance about it that we have not experienced anywhere else, and the Danish people and dwellers are possibly the most polite and helpful people in the world EVER! You can sit back in one of the Food courts, and watch people casually cycle by in a strangely coordinated calm yet mass movement way that you have to see to grasp what I am talking about... It is like there is a hive mind of those who travel around Denmark that understand and give natural courtesy to others.

How to get married in Denmark
Getting Married in Denmark does involve looking out for cyclists!

Copenhagen is gorgeous, and Copenhagen City Hall is simply stunning, ornate, rich in history, and a breathtaking venue for your wedding, the ceremony room can hold up to 60 guests. So much to do in the City for all budgets and however long you want to stay there. In the Summer you can choose to have a open air ceremony.  Or if you are having a same sex ceremony then you can be a part of the wonderful Pride Celebration where every year Copenhagen Wedding office arrange a wonderful day of same sex weddings.  


Getting Married in Copenhagen
Get Married in Copenhagen City Hall

Although Denmark is easy, laid back and an amazing place to marry, there is the minefield that is the Danish Government office application route (Familierethuset).... this was introduced in January 2019. No more can you contact the Town Halls direct. Everything now goes through the one centre Government office for the whole of Denmark, all documents have been standardised.


Danish Government office
New Process of Marrying in Denmark after January 2019

As with anything involving a Government office, you make the application, fire it off into the black hole that is the online application portal, receive a cheery "Thank you for your application you will hear back in 5 days!" and then 4 weeks later after hearing nothing and spending best part of 37 hours on hold listening to Danish numbers of where you are in the queue and not knowing whether you are number 1 or number 100 you give up.....

And you cannot book any wedding or contact any town hall until you have that Marriage License approval from the Government office. Only on approval THEN is the file sent electronically to the selected Town Hall on your application and you can contact them. Except if the date you originally wanted or has passed or is fully booked you need to try and contact the Familierethuset on the phone... all. over. again. to have your file changed.... 

So we would advise based upon our extensive experience and knowledge with regards to HOW to get Married in Denmark is to simply start the process with an experienced wedding planner - as the process is a LOT different than it used to be back in the "good old days back from 2018". The Agencies have a relationship with the Familierethuset and the Town Halls that is not like "Joe Public" making an application, they have a separate dedicated phone line and email contact with the Government office. 

Marry Abroad Simply is an experienced wedding planner in Denmark, that can help you with every step of the way.  They are not the full "match the bridesmaids dresses with the napkins" (although they can help you with local suppliers if you want anything) they help you get the documents approved and your ceremony booked - and without there foundation part of your big day there is no big day. Even if you have already made the application and need someone to come in and help be your wedding angel - which is why the SOS service was invented.

"We make it look simple, not because it is, but because we are very good at what we do, and we know how the system works and what is required. And we are as passionate about your wedding day as you our, it is our mission to get you married when and where you want, its not a file, its a life long dream and a memory forever" Leanne - Wedding consultant at Marry Abroad Simply

  1. Contact an agency for a free of charge no obligation document list
  2.  Decide which service you want to go for and make payment (ranging from €295 - €745)
  3.  Work with your consultant to email your documents over to them to complete your file
  4.  Your consultant deals with the Government office for your application, approval and books the date and venue you want
  5.  Turn up and get married! 

How to get married abroad easy process
Your wedding planner in Denmark will make the process of "How to get married" easy!

Marrying in Denmark is the simplest solution for all International Couples as it provides you with an International Marriage Certificate that you can use anywhere in the world.  So if you are living in Germany or living the UAE or anywhere else then you can spend 48 hours in Denmark and have a wonderful beach wedding or a cosmopolitan city wedding and then return to your home country with your certificates in hand ready to register your wedding on your return.

In brief the documents needed are;

- Passports/ID cards

- Entrance visas  (if needed)

- Divorce or death certificates (if applicable) some may need to be legalised

- Residence Permits (if living in a country that is not your home country and you need a residency permit!)

However this is very varied and we always recommend that you ask for a free of charge no obligation document list, so you don't gather any documents that you don't need - as there is much confusion out there, and many websites have not been updated but you NO LONGER NEED MARITAL STATUS DOCUMENTS OR BIRTH CERTIFICATES. Sorry for shouting - but that bit is important! 

At Marry Abroad Simply there are two services, the Simply Everything Service, where the wedding planner in Denmark will take care of the whole process from beginning to end and includes the €220 Government office fee - this service is only €745! This service is worth the money, it really is! Its unlimited help from us - so you can simply focus on enjoying the time between Engagement and Wedding!

Get married in Denmark easily and quick
Get married in Denmark stress free and just enjoy the time between Engagement and Marriage.

Or the Hand held Service where they will take you to the point of application, send you full instruction as to how to make the on line application.  For the hand held service you will have to make the payment to the Danish Authorities on application On application you are asked to make a payment of approximately 220€, this is made in DKK, and you will need to contact the Town Hall directly to book the ceremony yourself (with our guidance) and any changes of venue or contact with the Government office will be done by yourself also.

There are so many wonderful places to marry in Denmark, so choosing your venue is super important and this is selected on application.  Of course there is a lot of things to consider, how quickly can you get your appointment after approval, where is it, how can you get there. Here your wedding planner in Denmark can answer all these questions before the point of application making sure that you select the town hall that will suit you.

Once you have your ceremony booked, then your Wedding Planner in Denmark will help you with the logistics so you know where you need to be and at what time, they can help you with florists, hair and make-up and photographers so you have everything  that you need.  They can help you getting to Aero, they can help you with the detailed explanations of the Ceremony at Copenhagen City HallAnything that you need, a short guide to the city, or the beautiful island of Aero.

Get married quickly, easily and cheaply
Best place to marry fast, easily and cheaply - no stress!

After your wedding ceremony, then the last thing that you will need to think about is is your wedding certificate and if it needs an Apostille stamp on it.  The Apostille stamp is a verification of the authenticity of the document made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen.  You can do this yourself and your wedding planner in Denmark will help with this or you can take an Apostille Service, where this is done for you.


For a little visual inspiration, please see our pinterest board Getting Married in Denmark.

Denmark is a wonderful place to marry the country, the settings, the people the atmosphere and the progressive thinking ensures that any couple from anywhere will have a wonderful experience.  If you would like any help with anything to do with the process please contact us!

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