Getting Married in Denmark 2022 guide for foreigners

It looks like 2022 is going to be the year where the world opens up, we can travel, be together again, plan events and trips with certainty  make the most of being together and sharing moments again. Especially for Foreign, International and same sex couples who have had to look at marrying abroad just to be together, and many hearts have been kept separate. Getting married quickly in a foreign country is now a viable option again and couples can start looking to the future they want, restarting your plans for getting married in Denmark need to get underway. As it has been a while we are going to recap why you should consider getting married in Denmark in 2022, how to start your plans with getting married in Denmark in 2022 and what documents you will need to get married in Denmark.

We can safely, firmly and excitedly say that 2022 is going to be the year of getting married abroad, and to look at how to get married in Denmark easily for all foreign, international and same sex couples! 

SO! With no time to waste! Let's get excited and ignite those Danish wedding ideas for 2022 and get you back in the mood for a wedding, and for getting married in Denmark, with little tasters of what Denmark has on offer for International, Foreign and Same sex couples.


Quick Danish Wedding
Get married in Denmark in 2022


We have as a company been busy implementing upgrades and sprinkling confetti in the system, adding loads of cool stuff to the free App we have on Google on Apple (the only Agency to have its own dedicated App did you know?!?) . Welcomed a  new team member - Katie, and still organised and re-organised hundreds of lovely couples who got married in Denmark and needed our help as expert wedding planners in Denmark.


City Hall Wedding
Why get married in Denmark? Because it is the easiest place to marry!

Why get married in Denmark?

Seriously you may ask, why do around 15,000 couples chose to make application with the Danish Agency of Family law and get married in Denmark every year? Well that is because Denmark is one of the easiest places in the world to get married! There are no marital status documents needed, no birth certificates needed, you receive your International Marriage certificates the same day as your wedding and the marriage is legally recognised worldwide. Denmark loves and embraces all forms of love and situations.

- Marry in Days
- Marry on a Tourist VISA
- No Marital Status documents or birth certificates
- International marriage certificates issued same day
- Civil ceremony wedding Legally recognised worldwide
- All forms of love and situations welcome 

You can get married in as little as a few days, up to 4 months after your license is issued from the Danish Agency of Family Law or Familieretshuset as they are also called.

It is probably the fastest and easiest place to get married in Europe for Foreign and International couples as you can also get married on a Tourist Visa, and at most only need to present your original documents the business day before the wedding. 

Also getting married in Denmark is the cheapest option for an elopement wedding, with our prices starting from €290 and going up to only to €1095 with no hidden costs in either package, and a free documents list of requirements for getting married in Denmark.

How do we get married in Denmark?

You first of all need to know what documents are required to for a wedding in Denmark, so  you need to do is contact us on our web page HERE or our Whats app +45 71 49 34 83 for a free no obligation documents list, we are expert wedding planners for Denmark and  organise around 100 weddings a month so you are confident we know what we are talking about (and without being arrogant we can honestly say that no other Agency is as fast as us, or more experienced with complex cases - just read our reviews HERE).

Once you have the list of documents required to get married in Denmark, you email them to us along with the 2 single page forms that we send you, we make the application for you and do all the work on your behalf, receive your license usually in around 5-7 working days from the Danish Agency of Family law, get you booked, you turn up, get married and leave! Does that sound simple?! Well we hope so as that is our idea to help you marry abroad simply, there is more to it than that but that is for us to worry about, we make it look simple because we know what we are doing with organising a wedding in Denmark!

If you want to know how quickly you can get married in Denmark, we can get you married in under a month (often under 7 days) for a super fast elopement with our amazingly popular Copenhagen Express Service  which is €1095 or up to 4 months in advance with our Simply Everything Service  of €745 or the Handheld for €290. All of them though have no hidden costs, and you will be assured of expert personal wedding consultant service throughout. And in most locations witnesses are always provided for you at no extra cost.


A couple getting married in Denmark
How to get started getting married in Denmark in 2022? Contact us!


Not only do we make the application for you, arrange the ceremony for you we look after every aspect, offer you help and advice from the very first contact until we are congratulating you.  If you want awesome well established Wedding Photographers, Wedding Hair and Make up, Wedding flowers then we can give you contact details of professionals we have worked with for many years, so you can simply tailor your own wedding and make it exactly what you want. How much fun is that?!? And did we mention we are the only Danish Wedding Agency that has its own free App which also contains all these details...?

Fast Wedding
Getting married fast in Copenhagen is possible 


What documents do I need to get married in Denmark?

* Travel documents (passport or EU ID)  (with 3 months validity from the date of the ceremony)

* Residence permits (if you are living in a country where it is required) or Visa for entry into Denmark (you can get married on a tourist VISA).

* Relationship document (this is something that is made yourself and we will help you with it, just to evidence longevity and contact, it is super easy and super cute to put together!).

* Proof that you are living together if you are (absolutely no problem if you are not).

* If either of you have been previously married then Decree or Death certificates

* If you have shared children together (both of your names on the birth certificate) we will need the birth certificates

Everything is processed electronically and safely on emails, or encrypted communication and you present the originals to the registrar before your wedding.


Example of an International Marriage Certificate from Denmark
Danish International Marriage certificate

General information about what to expect when you are planning your ceremony in Denmark with us

We will discuss the venues and timeframes with you (if you are already set on a location that is also fine!), some are more geared for super fast weddings, some with longer lead times, some close to airports, some best for train, others for larger groups, some where you need witnesses, some where witnesses are provided, some in a City, some remote, some of them on Danish Islands, some where you present documents and marry the same day, some where you arrive the day before. 

Rest assured though, as we work with ALL town halls in Denmark we will and can match you with the best Town Hall for you and your requirements. So whatever you and your partner want - and we appreciate it is your day and your needs are as unique as you are, you will have absolutely the best match for you.

 If you love beaches then we have options of Danish Islands, if you have a love for fine food, cosmopolitan vibe and cocktails then pick Copenhagen, if you love Vikings then look at Ribe, cycling you can look anywhere, UNESCO Heritage site look at Stevns, Ports and seafood then Esbjerg, Swedish influence then Helsingor, all over the country there are castles (Frederiksborg, Christiansborg, Ronseborg), funfairs such as the super famous Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen (right next to Copenhagen City Hall!!), Legosalty liquoriceHans Christian Andersen, pretty quaint colored houses, and the list goes on and on. But there is something to excite and delight absolutely every couple!!

You are spoilt for choice, and Denmark although is not a huge country, and there are almost 100 town halls where you can marry and will welcome International and Foreign couples to get married with them and have a stress free legally binding civil ceremony. 

If you down load our app on App Store and Play Store you can see all the town halls that we work with and you can see where they are and some information about the towns and surrounding areas. 

We are fast, responsive, know what we are talking about, answer you very quickly no matter what the question and are always happy to help. You will not find a faster Agency to help you get married in Denmark, nor a more experienced one. We genuinely want to help you with getting married abroad and are passionate about what we do and the couples we help.

It never get less special to have been chosen to be the smallest part in someones largest day.

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