Easy Marriage Solution for American Military Personnel in Germany

There is a large presence of American Service men & women in Germany in military and Airforce bases, estimated 50,000 military and civilians are on the bases Kaiserslautern & Ramstein.

American military marry abroad simply
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It is normal that hearts and souls find each other, and deployments, regiments, and meeting civilians outside the barracks is going to lead to love and relationships.

Being in the Military can make it more complicated for couples to be together, as they are generally either International (EU & NON EU) or both in active duty of the same citizenship but away from home with exercises, tours, deployments and training to work around and bear in mind.

When being posted away, in order to take your spouse with you, ensure married quarters or organize transfers and postings to keep you together, or to make that commitment before being sent on tour it is required in some cases to get married as an essential required administrational process.

With Americans living in Germany this can be very complex, the German process for organizing the documents is a lengthy one, with appointments, a variety of documents, meetings, waiting period, and then booking a ceremony in. Often for Military personnel the leave has to be carefully coordinated around many other important factors that are vital to your country.

If you have tried to look at starting the process in Germany to marry, maybe because your partner is German, or because you are based in Germany and it’s the logical place to think first – you likely have had an experience similar to banging your head against a brick wall.

Simple, cheap, quick wedding in Denmark
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Luckily there is an option – you can marry in Denmark, there are many Town Halls over the German Border, which are easy for travel. You can do all of the documents over email, and have the ceremony booked in as little as 2 days after approval and up to 4 months in advance.

Denmark is all about the love, any denominations, Gender, Citizenship, Residency, religion – all that matters is that you are in love and want to be together.

You will receive 2 copies of the International Marriage Certificate which is in English, German, Danish, French & Spanish, and in some cases you can turn up, marry and leave the same day – and witnesses are provided. It is easy to move your ceremony date (availability permitting of the venue) or venue if the timeframe and leave requirements change.

Also due to the 2019 Marriage Law changes there is no longer a requirement for Birth Certificates or Single Status certificates, just a letter from a commanding officer to confirm where you are based and your marital status. There is more information on our YouTube video blog.

Everything now goes through the Danish state Familierethuset department, and the Agencies have a different easier route of contact and communication than individuals. A good agency will take the stress off you, do all of the work and coordination and a Town Hall wedding can be organized with no extra cost in just a few hundred euros, and also offer a Legalisation service - which is likely the Burgeramt will require, it is found more German offices want your Marriage Certificate Legalised with an Apostille after you are married.


Documents required for marriage in Denmark

It is up to you if you want a simple wedding and a big party at a later date, you do not have to have photographers & flowers – but your agency will help you point you in the right direction if you do.

In some cases you can be married in under 10 days, or in up to 4 months from the date of application. It is flexible, easy, stress free, legally recognized worldwide.

A perfect elopement to work with your military posting and to cut through the paperwork and bureaucracy that would be required in any other country than Denmark. You are too busy representing your country for that, let someone help you simply marry. Contact us for help, support and advice.

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