If you want to get married in Copenhagen but have more of a beach feel have a look at Stevns. It is 1 hour by direct train from Copenhagen, you can turn up, marry and leave the same day. But to stay longer is a treat as the scenery is incredible!
If you are getting married in Denmark and considering a venue, you may muse why get married in Copenhagen City Hall? Well, As well as being the grandest ceremony room, the marriage registrars are the only ones in Denmark who actually write their own personal speeches for your marriage. An all round super nice team, who really do love what they do.
Aero Island is a stunning place to marry, it is quaint, picturesque, and very very Danish! It is known as the main Danish Wedding Island, or the Danish Island of love - and for good reason. All of our couples who marry there are so happy with the location, and also make a special mention to how wonderful the registrars were. And they are!!
Getting married in Denmark is a beautiful and intimate affair, you can have the wedding you want and focus on your life partner. There are key people involved though, and we wanted you to meet the registrars that will help bring your hearts & lives together legally. They seal the magic.
If you want to get married in Denmark and are travelling from Germany, the Jutland town of Aabenraa is a great option for a lovely and friendly venue.
Getting married in Denmark has so many options for foreign and international couples to get married quickly. One of the quickest options is for a Danish Island wedding. It is easy to drive to from Germany, and only a short ferry ride. Get married in Denmark fast, easily and prettily!