How to Get Married Abroad

Congratulations to you! If you are reading this article it is likely you are already engaged to be married, or thinking about getting engaged to be married!

I think the pre wedding run up is just as exciting (if not more as its all excitement and no nerves!) as the big day itself.

There is so much to think about and do before you say “I do”, and it will undoubtedly be one of the biggest, most exciting and memorable days of your life, no matter where you do it or how you do it.

Every wedding is as unique, special and precious as the love and relationship you are partner have, and your big day should reflect this.

If you are looking at getting married abroad it is difficult to know where to start with this process, there are different factors to consider and think about, and 99% of what you will be doing are going to be online married searches and investigation.

Wedding Abroad

1) Decide with your partner

“What do you want for you wedding day” - City? Beach? Winter? Summer? Far away? Close to home?

Combined with a Honeymoon?

Just the legalities and registrar ceremony?

Low key and as cheap, fast and easy and possible?


2) Decide WHEN you want your ceremony.

As different countries let you plan ahead in different time frames. For example a marriage license issued in Denmark is valid for 4 months after it is issued (VISA and permits reliant), but if you want Copenhagen City Hall on a Saturday they get booked up at least 8 weeks ahead on a weekend.  Whereas a Danish Island location you can marry in days. Gibraltar
you can plan a date up to 1 year in advance and they are generally booked up 3 months in advance.


So How Do I Get Married Abroad?

Usually the factors are Price and Timeframe. So if you want a cheap easy Legally recognized wedding in anywhere from 2 weeks – 4 months, then Denmark is your best bet.

If you want something cheap, easy, but a little further in advance then Gibraltar is your best bet. This Vlog may help.

Once you have your location and rough timeframe it is best to contact an Agency that specializes with how to Marry Abroad Simply, or how to look at Getting Married Abroad.

As the part that is key to the whole event is the Legalities, documents, actual obtaining a legally recognized Wedding Certificate. Until you have that part all approved and have your date booked you can do absolutely nothing further – never book flights, hotels, flowers, photography etc until you have your documents all approved, your license approved
and your ceremony booked. It could otherwise potentially create a massive amount of undue stress to you around an experience that should be anything but enjoyable.


International couples marrying is easy
How to get married abroad easily, cheaply and stress free

The Agency will look at your individual situation – as each situation of residency, citizenship, whether you have been married previously, have children together or live together will require a slightly different document requirement.

A good Agency will act like a Passport checking service, and get your application and file all done, checked and approved. They make it look easy as they are used to doing it and are professionals – not because it is easy.

How many situations has everyone been in with a Government office, sending documents in, hearing nothing for weeks, not being able to get through on the phone, only to hear out the blue that a document you sent in was not in the right scan quality or a signature is missing – and then your file goes back into a black hole.

Once you have your file confirmed as approved and you have the go ahead to marry, you will be able to book a date with the registrar, or the registry office, or organize the external venue if you are looking at that option. You will generally be given your Marriage Certificates straight after you are married, and also an Agency will be able to help you with any Legalisation process and Apostille on the documents if you need. You will also have witnesses provided if you go with an

Once you have your date and time, you can then go ahead and plan flights, hotel, photographer, flowers and any additional extras and fun bits you may wish!

Once the wedding date is all booked you may think 'What now?" well now the fun planning can start!! Have a look at this awesome check list HERE from the Wedding Hashers, as it has a lovely list of things of fun wedding things you may or may not wish to plan and organise depending on the type of wedding you are having. But whatever you do, it is your day, and you must have exacty what you would like.

It is Marrying Abroad is very simple, and a fast and cheap alternative to more traditional options.

Have a look at our awesome YouTube channel for short information Vlogs on how easy it is to elope and get married abroad!

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