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Same Sex Wedding Destinations
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People marry people .... So we want to introduce ourselves to you, as hopefully we will be with you as a small part in your largest day. 

We have known each other for a little over 5 years, and met through mutual friends and then working together.
We clicked immediately on a personal and professional level. We understand the realities of forming and maintaining relationships through distance - and how difficult but rewarding this is.

And this is why we love supporting international couples -as in our own way we are an international foreign couple also!!

Marry Abroad Simply was born with the understanding that true lasting relationships can come from 2 people who geographically are apart but are as close as you can be, because love and friendship have no boundaries. 

We believe strongly that marriage should be made simple, we need more love in the world, and less obstacles allowing ALL love.

What we have done, who we are, what we can offer you

* 3000+ couples helped
* Personal individual consultant support 
* 15+ years government document experience
* Excellent customer service 
* Super fast and efficient (7 days a week)
* Experienced in all situations, citizenship and resident matches 
* Same sex and gay friendly planners
* Wedding planners in Denmark
* Wedding planners in Gibraltar 
* International wedding experts
* Specialists in foreign, NON EU & EU cases
* Extensive experience In complex or unusual cases 
* Local bilingual suppliers introduced if required
* Average approval time 4 days
* Couples married in under 10 days
* Truly international company 

We can promise you, the service you receive from us will be exceptional, and we will take any stress away. We are the best most experienced option for foreign and international couples looking to marry abroad.

Feel free to check us out on linked in! Leanne Hindle and Samantha Hicks

Free no obligation documents list? Questions's? Want a chat? More info? Call us on +45 3696 4950,  Whats app us +44 7934 933486 or +44 7934 933356 or email on interest@marryabroadsimply.com or go to contact page.