Copenhagen has been for some time an iconic place to marry as the capital of Denmark and the "Big Daddy" of venues, the only one called a City hall and not a Town Hall. A wedding in Copenhagen City Hall Wedding can make an elopement or a full wedding celebration something that you and your friends and family will remember for a life time.
Would you like to get married in Denmark in December? Well now is a great time to start - But you need to be fast!
If you are getting married in Denmark and want something a little different for your Copenhagen wedding photos - how about you head to some of the amazing architecture that is in Copenhagen...
When we get married in Denmark or Gibraltar can we live stream or zoom our guests in so they can watch our ceremony? Yes you absolutely can, it is a great idea and a popular one so you can include all of your loved ones in your elopement.
Can you get married in Denmark or Gibraltar on a tourist VISA? Yes you can indeed! As long as you have legal entry into the country you wish to marry, whether that be with VISA, 90 days VISA free, Permit, EU ID, EU Citizenship, along with any other documents required, you are able to marry.
Many couples contact us and ask "can we get married in Denmark just over the German border?" or 'Can we get married in Denmark as a German resident" Or "can we get married being in Germany on a tourist VISA?" the answer to all is Yes!
In Frederiksberg Town Hall weddings are held Monday – Thursday at 11am or 2pm, and Friday & Saturday at 11am. Frederiksberg does not conduct weddings on Sundays. Do we have to bring our own witnesses to Frederiksberg Town Hall? 2 Witnesses are provided by the town hall at no extra cost Monday to Friday. You will need to provide on a Saturday.
What are the Agency of Family law? What are the Agency of Family Law not? What they do, why they do it and how they do it. And why if you are looking at Getting Married in Denmark, why a wedding planner in Denmark is advised to help you with the documents.
So you are thinking about marrying in Denmark - thats great and good choice of locations! But want to see what each season has on offer so you can choose "When to get married in Denmark"? To choose the best time for your wedding in Denmark? Then read on!
Marriage is a commitment for life.  It is a permanent, life long relationship.  It also saves you tax.  So go ahead and get married and along with the joys of life, enjoy the joys of financial benefits and save on taxes too!