The South Jutland Region of Denmark

South Jutland is the area of Denmark that is connected by the land border to Germany.  This border runs 68km's and there are hundreds of couples that live in Germany that cross into Denmark to marry every year.


Why Marry in Denmark?

Denmark is well known as one of the easiest and fastest places in the world to marry for foreign, international, and same-sex couples. Germany has stricter and wider document requirements and much longer timeframes (which can be up to 18 months to marry, longer if you are not both German citizens). As a result, more and more German residents, citizens, and visiting partners are looking to get married in Denmark as an alternative to the process in Germany.

Easiest place to get married in europe as international couple
Danish town halls less than a 2 hour drive from the German border


Danish Town Halls Near the German Border

We work with 14 Town Halls that we consider to be perfect options for couples travelling from Germany to get married in Denmark.


Aabenraa (hear from the wonderful registrars here)
















All of these Town Halls have good road access, bus, train, and also some of them have their own airports if you are arriving from Southern Germany.

Depending on your timeframe, whether you have witnesses or need them provided, can do same day document presentation or are able to do business day before (or longer) there are options for everyone.


Flexible Options for Different Needs

The main stream Town Halls such as Tønder, Sonderborg and Aabenraa are always very full due to popularity and proximity, they are a great option if you are happy with a wedding further in advance and can be flexible with your dates. All absolutely stunning towns and locations, and we personally know the registrars there, they are very welcoming of German couples, most of the registrars speaking fluent German and having strong personal connections to Germany, they are very much in tune with the culture.  Click on the individual venue names for expanded information on each venue.


Popular Town Halls

The other 11 Town halls all have something to offer that is unique and different, whilst still remaining charmingly Danish and majestic but managing to be also welcoming and warm.


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